18 آبان 1398

Industrial cooling and heating systems

Industrial cooling and heating systems like cost-effective systems for cooling and heating the environment.

They also look for systems which require less operating costs.


We will help you:


  • not to have to use a powerhouse for heating
  • With a significant temperature difference in the evaporative cooling system, to experience a cool and incredible cooling
  •  To increase the safety due to the potential risks of combustion in engine rooms.
  • To have Extremely low energy consumption design compared to other systems


What is the difference between Arisman and other systems?

  • ●       In the hot air furnace, due to the on-off mode of the system, there is no uniform temperature and with every turning off /on, the torch is placed with 100% power in the circuit.
  • ●       In the Firewall system, if the number of burners that are required get fitted with aeration, it will produce a constant temperature homogenously.
  • All control steps are performed by the thermostat and control board or HMI


The cooling system is designed according to your order and can be one of a compression/ evaporation type. It should be noted that in evaporative systems, cellulosic pads are completely separate and in case of failure, the entire system will not fail.

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